By Charles L. Mee

Directed by Anne Bogart

Performed by the SITI company

bobrauschenbergamerica was presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, October 14th through 18th, 2003.

Costume and set design by James Schuette
Lighting design by Brian Scott
Sound design by Darron West
Dramaturgy by Tanya Palmer

bobrauschenbergamerica takes us on a wild road trip through the American landscape - written as Robert Rauschenberg, one of America's greatest living artists, might have conceived it had he been a playwright instead of a painter. More than a biographical portrait, bobrauschenbergamerica is a tribute to one artist's singular vision. Traveling easily through time, the play's kaleidoscopic images take us from Rauschenberg's childhood home to a New York café to the open road.

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