The Elliott Smith Project

Based on Elliott Smith's posthumously released album: From a Basement on the Hill
Directed by Daniel Fish

at Bard SummerScape 2007: Spiegeltent Cabaret

Costume Design: Kay Voyce
Lighting Design: Scott Zielinski
Video Design: Alex Eaton

Performed by: Theresa McCarthy, Henry Stram, George Gilmore, Ben Lively, Charly Roth

This new music theater piece, The Elliott Smith Project, was conceived specifically for the Spiegeltent and inspired by Elliott Smithís remarkable, posthumously released record. True Love Productions and Daniel Fish along with a small ensemble of extraordinary performers, transform the privacy, pain, and pop-eccentricity of singer-songwriter Smithís music into a beautiful and genre-defying theatrical experience.

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[photos above by Joanne Savio]