Paradise Park

by Charles L. Mee

In association with the Signature Theatre Company at:

The Peter Norton Space
555 West 42nd Street
New York, New York

February 12 through April 6, 2008.

Directed by Daniel Fish
Choreography by Peter Pucci

With Vanessa Aspillaga, Satya Bhabha, Veanne Cox, Gian-Murray Gianino, William Jackson Harper, Christopher McCann, Paul Mullins, Alan Semok,
Laurie Williams

Welcome to Paradise Park, an amusement park that opens up into all of America and beyond. Meet the inhabitants of this bizarre carnival of life, including a ventriloquist, his dummy, and a teenage girl on the run. From Futureworld to Londonland, the Grand Canyon to Fred's Polynesian Dive Shop, step right up to this wild ride of fruit cake tosses, underwater ballets, square dances, and star gazing, too.

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