Shockheaded Peter

A Junk Opera with Live Animation and Big Hair

Little Shubert Theatre
422 West 42nd Street

Created by Julian Bleach, Anthony Cairns, Julian Crouch, Graeme Gilmour, Tamzin Griffin, Jo Pocock, Phelim McDermott, Michael Morris and the Tiger Lillies, Martyn Jacques, Adrian Huge and Adrian Stout
Directed by Mr. Crouch and Mr. McDermott
Music composed by Martin Jacques; lyrics adapted from Heinrich Hoffmann by Mr. Jacques
Production design by Julian Crouch and Graeme Gilmour
Costumes by Kevin Pollard
Lighting by Jon Linstrum
Sound by Mic Pool and Roland Higham
Resident director, Heidi Miami Marshall
Music supervisor, Shawn Gough
Production manager, Aurora Productions
Production stage manager, Elizabeth Burgess
Company manager, R. Erin Craig
General management, John Corker and Dan Markley
Associate producers, Ian Osborne, C. Wiesenfeld/M. McCarthy and Alisa E. Regas
Executive producers, Linda Brumbach, Michael Morris, Christine Gettins
Music director, Martyn Jacques
The Cultural Industry's production presented by Mr. Markley, Alan J. Schuster, Pomegranate Arts, Shockheaded Media Ltd., Harriet Newman Leve, Sonny Everett, Michael Skipper, True Love Productions, Dede Harris/Morton Swinsky.

With: Julian Bleach, Anthony Cairns, Graeme Gilmour, Tamzin Griffin, Rebekah Wild and the Tiger Lillies, Adrian Huge, Martyn Jacques and Adrian Stout.

Long before The Simpsons and South Park, Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, there was Heinrich Hoffman, a doctor in a German lunatic asylum who, in 1844, wrote a children's book of original tales warning of absurd punishments for naughty acts. The book, entitled, The Struwwelpeter, is a classic collection of delightful horrors for all ages.

An instant classic in its own right, the stage production of SHOCKHEADED PETER has won rave reviews throughout Europe as one of the most original collaborations of its kind.

SHOCKHEADED PETER is the collective nightmare of the visionary direction and design team of Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (co-founders of London's Improbable Theatre) and the underworld's favorite cabaret act: The Tiger Lillies, led by the bizarre and beautiful falsetto of Martyn Jacques. Set in a distorted Victorian toy theater, SHOCKHEADED PETER evokes a lost world of theatrical illusion-a music box spinning out of control; an advent calendar with a different lunatic waiting behind every door.

So sweet, so sinister, and so completely outrageous, SHOCKHEADED PETER is a hilarious black comedy for sophisticated children, their dreadful parents, and anyone who has ever sucked their thumb.

SHOCKHEADED PETER was launched in North America in the Fall of 1999 culminating in a three-week sold out limited run in New York City. Hit runs in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and San Francisco followed in the Spring of 2000. SHOCKHEADED PETER opened in London's West End Piccadilly Theatre in Spring 2001 to rave reviews and sold out audiences.

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